DIY Floral Crown

School is out, the weather is warm, and flowers are in bloom. Here at Hello Luvvy, we think you should craft accordingly. That is why Darcy and I got together to do a tag-team DIY project that is 100% perfect for the sunshine and general loveliness we have had during the month of May here in Northwest Arkansas. Wherever you live, I hope these floral crowns can add a bright touch to your day!

You will need:

-3-4 stems of artificial flowers (this could vary depending upon the type and size of flower you choose)

-floral wire

-wire cutters

floral tape

First, you will take your floral wire and start twisting a few strands together in order to form your crown shape. You can use as many strands of wire as you like, depending on how thick you want you crown to be. For our purposes, we had 2-3 strands of wire intertwined all the way around.

You will slowly work your wire into the size crown you desire, so that when you are done with the twisting, it should look something like the image above.

Next, you will take the wire cutters and snip your flowers about 1.5-2inches from the base of the flower.You don't want to cut them too short because then you may not have enough stem left to attach your flower to your crown!

IMG_0353Once you have cut your flower, you will work the stem into the wire that makes up your crown so far. You will most likely need to bend your flower at the base in order for it to face outward.

IMG_0354Continue this process as you attach each flower, as shown here.

IMG_0355After your flowers are securely intertwined with the floral wire, you will wrap the stems in floral tape to help further secure them to the crowns.

IMG_0356Continue this process until you have attached the number of flowers you would like, covering the front of your crown. I also wrapped the rest of my wire in floral tape just to prevent any wire tips from poking me in the back of the head. After that you should be all set!


IMG_0367Check out our finished products! What do you ladies think? We loved how they turned out, but what was even better- we had the best time making them! (Because let's face it, crafting together is always more fun than crafting alone!)

IMG_0357Our very own Lone Male Contributor even paid us a visit and tried out a crown. I'm thinking Darcy may pull it off a little better, but you are a close second, JR!


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