DIY Fabric Wreath

Hello luvvies I have been working hard to update my 1970's abode and we started outside. Since we painted the exterior of the house, I have been decorating my front porch. So this week I am going to show you how to make a cute wreath for your front door. I made this wreath to add dimension to my newly painted lime green door, I thought the black and white would really make my door pop. Remember you can use any colors or letters you desire for your wreath. It is very easy and turns out super cute.

Here is what you need:

Hay wreath

Fabric of your choice (1 yard)


Hot Glue Gun


Large Pre-painted Letter


First thing you want to do is get your glue gun heating up. Next, start to cut your fabric into about 2in strips.

DIY wreath

Once you have cut up your fabric it is time to start wrapping it around your wreath, use hot glue as you wrap to

secure fabric to the wreath as seen below.

DIY wreath

When your wreath is completely wrapped it will look like this:

DIY wreath

Next, it is time to glue on your pre-fab letter. These letters are at your local craft store. You can often buy them finished in black like the one you see here, but you can also buy them in raw wood and paint them any color you choose. The raw wood ones come in many sizes as well. Another option: there are usually seasonal phrases that you can use for your wreath, like "Boo!" for Halloween or "Noel" for Christmas. The options are endless!

DIY wreath

Make sure you use plenty of glue to secure your letter.

To finish use ribbon to trim out your wreath.


That's it! Now you can place it on your front door.


I really love how the black and white added the right pop to my front door/porch. Summer may be on its way out, but color is not. Please share any wreaths you have made with us on FB or Instagram (Hello_Luvvy) and have a truly luvvly day!


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