DIY Fabric Mason Jars

I don't know about you luvvies, but I cannot believe how fast summer has passed. In an attempt to savor the last moments of the season, I have been gravitating toward fun florals like crazy. Today's DIY provides a fun way to incorporate that into your home or party decor! Let's get started, shall we? supplies

you will need

-A glass jar

-Fabric Scraps


-Mod Podge

-A Paintbrushdiy fabric mason jarBegin by choosing a thin cotton fabric. Next, you will cut your fabric into strips approximately 1 inch thick and just a little bit taller than your jar. You don't have to worry too much about precision here. You do want to make sure you cut enough that they will be able to overlap one another all the way around your jar. Now, take your paint brush and apply it to the inside of your jar about the same size area that one of your fabric strips would cover. Then, take your fabric strip and lay in on top of the Mod Podge. Any excess length in each strip can be used to cover the bottom of the jar. Apply the Mod Podge Podge once more on top of your fabric strip for extra security. You will repeat these steps for each piece of fabric until the inside of your jar in completely covered. Voila! What once was a clear jar is now a decorative floral form of storage!

I sure hope you luvvies are enjoying the last bits of your summer!


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