DIY Fabric Letters

I think the "nesting" phase of pregnancy has officially hit me. Not only am I constantly searching for ways to add cute little touches to the nursery, but I have also been trying to find fun ways to spruce up the decor in our bedroom. I used today's craft for just that purpose. Hope you enjoy!

fabric letter diy suppliesYou will need:

-A cardboard letter

-Scrap Fabric


-Modge Podge

-A paintbrush

-A pen or pencil

fabric letter diy step 1First, I traced and cut out the shapes of fabric that would fit each surface of my letter.

fabric letter diy step 2Next, I attached the fabric one side at a time. To do so I used the paintbrush to cover the side I was working on completely with modge podge. Then, I very carefully laid the fabric on the surface. Be sure to smooth it out as best you can to avoid wrinkles. Next, I applied another layer of modge podge over the fabric in order to seal it. fabric letter modge podgeAfter you have completed these steps for each surface of your letter you are all finished!


I had so much fun with this craft that I made two! Happy crafting! Kaitlyn-Signature

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