DIY Drop Cloth Banner


In order to prepare for Hello Luvvy's booth at Retro on the Runway tonight, I enlisted the help of my extremely artistic husband to create an awesome banner so that you will be able to spot us from across the room! We used the wonderful banner at the top of this website for inspiration. I can't wait to hear what you luvvies think!

We used:

-A drop cloth


-A yardstick

-A pencil

-Black craft paint


-A glue gun

IMG_2489To begin with, you will want to measure out the size of banner you want on your drop cloth. This will eliminate having to deal with all that bulky excess fabric. Our banner is 2ft x 2ft.

IMG_2491Once you have your banner all traced out, go ahead and cut away the remaining fabric.

IMG_2493At this point, Ty began using this website as a reference to draw out our luvvly logo onto the banner with pencil. Now, most of us don't have his skill, so please feel free to buy a stencil. I know I would!

IMG_2494Here is our banner all sketched out!

IMG_2497Next, Ty used the black craft paint to fill in his letters. Look how beautifully they stand out now!

IMG_2496In the meantime, I began to assemble the same felt flowers I used for the Fall Wreath DIY I did a few weeks ago. This time, I added a black dot in the center of the flower and used a few shades of felt in order to make it look more like our logo. I also cut out felt leaves, which you will see momentarily.


IMG_2500Once the painting and flowers were complete, it was time to finish assembling the banner!

IMG_2501I spent time carefully arranging the flowers and leaves just like I wanted them before using the glue gun to secure their places.

IMG_2503Here she is, all done! I could not be happier with how it turned out! What do you luvvies think? I know this isn't as straight forward as some of our DIYs (I mean, you luvvies probably have no use for a Hello Luvvy banner), but I wanted to use this project to show you how you can take something as simple as an old drop cloth and turn it into something beautiful and unique. I believe in you, luvvies!!

To see this baby in person (and me!), head out to Nightbird Books in Fayetteville tonight from 6-9. I would love to meet you in real life! Plus, we have two fantastic giveaways full of vintage goodness. Hope to see you luvvies there!


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