DIY Dreamcatcher

headerHello, luvvies! I am so excited to share today's DIY, mostly because it was so fun to make! Let's get started, shall we?

You will need:

-An embroidery hoop

-Yarn/ribbon to wrap the hoop

-Hemp or string for the interior




step 1First, get out your embroidery hoop and whatever ribbon or yarn you plan to use to cover it.

step 2Tie a knot around the hoop with the end of your ribbon.

step 3Then, begin wrapping the ribbon as tightly as you can around the embroidery hoop. Try not to leave any part of the hoop uncovered.

step 4When you get to the end of the ribbon, tie a loop so that you will have an easy way to hang your dreamcatcher.

step 5Now it's time to work on the inside of the dreamcatcher. Get the twine or string you have chosen for this part, and tie a knot at the end around the hoop.

step 6Begin wrapping the string around the hoop every inch or so, as seen in the photo.

step 7Continue wrapping the twine around the most interior layer of twine, until the web is at the thickness you desire. It is also fun to add some beads periodically, if you choose.

step 8Mine looked like this once I finished with the twine. Now, all that's left is to add the feather strands! step 9Using the twine or string you used for the middle web, tie strings at varying lengths and add beads and feathers to the ends of each strand. I chose three strands, but it is completely up to you how many you add.

finished 2Ta-da! Now you are all done and ready for some sweet dreams tonight :)


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