DIY Crafting Table

Finding the perfect table for a specific need in your home can be difficult and I'm not sure about you, but somehow  I always end up liking the most expensive ones I find.  Really it's because I like tables made with sturdy materials—real wood, real metal, etc. So, when I decided to create a studio room for all things Hello Luvvy, I turned to Pinterest to find a great table DIY. I wanted to find something with a modern style that was actually feasible.  After combing through countless tutorials, I settled on this one. While I think this is a great tutorial, I did find myself scratching my head a time or two and I ended up tailoring the table to better fit my needs. I hope that I can simplify this process in this post and show you how you too can take the bones of this DIY and make it your own. Now, before you decide to begin, know that this project isn't extremely simple. I just want to be honest with you, but if you decide to tackle it you will really love the results. DIYTABLE


—3, 1x12in boards cut at 60in each —3, 1x4in boards cut at 30in each —4, 8in long, 1/2in pipes —4, 10in long, 1/2in pipes —1, 35in long, 1/2in pipe —4, 18in long, 1/2in pipe —4, 1/2in floor flanges —6, 1/2in t-joints —Drill —16 1-inch screws —12 1 1/2-ing screws —4 rubber ends pieces DIYTable All of the supplies above are available at Home Depot and they are more than willing to cut boards for you, so no need for a saw. In the pipe section there are 1-inch pipes and 1/2 pipes. I went with 1/2 inch because they are less expensive. I ended up spending more of my budget on the type of wood I chose. It was the most expensive kind, but also more of the style I was going for. The wood did not need to be sanded or stained, it only needs some acrylic if you plan to use this for eating. In total, the table cost around $120. Let's get started! The first thing you need to do is put together your base. You will need someone with some muscle for this because the way the pipes are threaded it is hard to twist them into the tightest position. DIYTable2 The best way to approach this is to start with your longest middle piece and work out, then up. Use these images as your guide to build the base. The four 8in pieces are on the very bottom, then connected with the t-joints to the 10in pieces and the 35in pipe in the middle. DIYtable3 The 18in-long pieces connect at the top with your flanges. Once these are all connected and you have solved the puzzle, pat yourself on the back then start to tighten all the pieces together the best that you can. Take a level and set it on each flange to make sure it reads "0." DIYtable4 Now you can assemble your table top. Place the three 1x12in boards at 60in long side by side, making sure the ends match up. Also, make sure your favorite pieces of wood are facing down. Now, place your 1x4in boards. It should measure 9 1/2 inches from edge to edge on both ends. DIYtable5 DIYtable6 Once your boards are placed, use your 1 1/2 inch screws to secure them to your table top. Once they are secure, you can use your 1in screws to attach the legs of your table. DIYtable7 And, voila! Now you have an awesome table perfect for crafting, or sharing meals with friends and family. DIYTABLEFEATURE If you decide to tackle this project, you will love the results! darcy-sig

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