DIY Coconut-Vanilla Lip Scrub

Welcome to November, luvvies. This past weekend, Halloween officially kicked off holiday season; this means we're in full-glam mode through the end of the year. This also means the arrival of blustery fall and winter weather, along with dry, chapped lips. I've written before about my issues with my flaky winter lips. The average lip balm isn't moisturizing enough to revive my mouth once it begins to peel and chap, and often the best remedy is to actually prepare my lips for drier weather with a simple, homemade lip scrub. coconut vanilla lip scrub (16) Today's scrub is made from some of my favorite delicious DIY beauty ingredients. You'll need coconut oil, vanilla extract, and brown sugar. (You could also use regular white sugar, which will give your scrub a coarser texture. The brown sugar will just make your scrub a little softer.) coconut vanilla lip scrub (4)_ To make your scrub, scoop two teaspoons of coconut oil into a small bowl. The coconut oil will be thick and clumpy-- this is totally normal. You will smooth it out when you stir the mixture together. coconut vanilla lip scrub (7) Next pour in one teaspoon of brown sugar. Again, you can use white sugar if you prefer. coconut vanilla lip scrub (9) Carefully add five or six drops of your vanilla extract (a little goes a long way). coconut vanilla lip scrub (10) Now use the back of a spoon to mash the scrub together. Stir it until the mixture is well blended and uniform. coconut vanilla lip scrub (11)coconut vanilla lip scrub (13) Allow your freshly mixed scrub to rest for around ten minutes and then you're ready to pamper your lips. This scrub smells (and tastes) divine! coconut vanilla lip scrub (14) How to use:  Apply scrub to your lips using an old soft-bristled toothbrush or your finger tips. Gently rub the mixture into your lips for 20-30 seconds, then let the scrub sit (like a mask) on your mouth for another couple of minutes. Your body heat will allow the scrub to melt into your lips, softening them and sealing in moisture (now that you've cleared away all the dead skin). Use a warm washcloth to gently buff away the remaining product. Immediately apply a balm to lock in moisture and keep lips so so so soft. Once you're all done, you can store your leftover scrub in the fridge for up to two weeks. Your pout will be perfectly prepped for the winter weather! Happy Holiday Season! katie-sig

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