DIY Cocktail Napkin Pennant Garland

With the 4th just a day away, I thought you luvvies might appreciate a quick and easy DIY to get you ready for your Independence Day festivities! This DIY cost me approximately $5 and took me less than 15 minutes. How's that for quick crafting? Ready, Set, Go!

DIY napkin pennants

You Will Need:

-Cocktail napkins (each napkin makes 2 pennants)


-String or twine

-Glue or Mounting Squares

diy cocktail napkin garlandFirst, you will cut out your pennants. In order to do this, simply use the fold of the napkin as the top and from there cut out the shape you are going for. (Do not cut the fold, as it will be used to string the pennants onto your twine!) This should give you 2 pennants since the napkin has 4 layers. Mine are approximately 3inches by 5inches, but you luvvies can adjust the size based on your needs of course!

Once you are finished cutting out all of your pennants, you are ready to assemble your garland! Go ahead and cut your twine and begin attaching your pennants. To do this, I laid my twine on the inside fold of each pennant and placed 2 mounting squares on the inside of the pennants. This would also be possible with glue, but if you use anything too thick, you will be able to see it through the thin layer of napkin. Once your adhesive is placed between the layers of the pennant, fold the top layer over and repeat!

Now go hang your new (and inexpensive!) garland somewhere for your guests to enjoy! Happy 4th ladies!


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