DIY Citrus Print Beach Bag

Our beach theme continues today with this fun and simple DIY. Everyone needs a nice big bag for going to the beach or pool, and by taking a little time to make your own, you can save yourself lots of money. This project costs less than $10 and is really fun. Let's get started!


—canvas tote —acrylic paint —paint brushes —citrus stencil —stencil adhesive (optional) diybeachtote1 Once you have your paint ready, grab your stencil and spray a little of the adhesive on the back of it. Then place it on your bag. This stuff is very sticky and gets everywhere, but I was happy that it didn't allow the stencil to move at all and you only have to spray it about once for every three lemons. diybeachtote5 Once your stencil is secure, you can start painting. Do your best to stay within the lines of the stencil! diybeachtote3 diybeachtote4 As you see, I only stenciled the pockets of the tote and I did one side with yellow and one side green, but you can do any pattern you want. Have fun and get creative! diybeachtote6 And voila! You have yourself the perfect summer bag for hitting the beach or swimming pool. diybeachtote9 Happy swimming! darcy-sig

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