DIY Circus Letter

IMG_2606For DIY Thursday here at Hello Luvvy, I thought I would show you luvvies a project I am working on for my baby boy's nursery. I have lots of projects to do before he gets here, so I figured there is no time like the present. This is an easy tutorial on how to make inexpensive circus letters! I have always loved the look of these but have never wanted to spend the cash. Now, I don't have to. Let's get started!


You will need:

-Cardboard letter(s) from your local craft store

-An exacto or box knife

-White craft paint

-A paintbrush

-A pencil

-A strand of white twinkle lights

IMG_2593First, use the box knife to carefully cut off the top of your letter. I slowly went around the edges before I tried to pull any of it off, but it mostly came off in one piece. Also, you will want to remove the zig-zag cardboard from your letter's interior. I was able to easily pull this out by hand.

IMG_2595Next, paint the inside of your letter white (or the color of your choice). My letter took about two layers of craft paint. It is a good idea to wait a few minutes to let the paint dry before you move to the next step.

IMG_2597Here, I used a pencil to make marks on the back where I wanted to cut the holes for the lights. You can either eyeball it or use a ruler if you prefer. I used the box knife to cut small Xs into the back of my letter.

IMG_2604Now for the best part! Poke your twinkle lights through and plug in to see the magical finished product!

IMG_2601I was so happy with the finished product that I plan to do his whole name. I think it will make such a fun night light!

Happy crafting, luvvies! xoxo


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