DIY Christmas Wreath

0Well luvvies, Thanksgiving has come and gone, so it is definitely time to put that fall wreath aside. Today I will show you how to make a fun holiday wreath out of Christmas ornaments! I have seen these wreaths for sale at various places and loved the idea, so I decided to tackle making one myself. Let's get started!

IMG_2696You will need: 

-Christmas ornaments of various sizes and colors (The amount will depend on how big you want your wreath to be. I used almost 100 ornaments, purchased in value packs at target.)

-One wire hanger

-Wire cutters

-Hot glue gun

First off, you will cut off the hook of your wire hanger and shape the wire into a circle to the best of your ability. You will see from the photos below that mine isn't a particularly marvelous circle. It worked out okay though, so just do your best!



IMG_2705The next step, as seen in the sequence of photos above, is to string your ornaments on your wire. Don't worry too much about arranging them as you go; that part comes next!

IMG_2709Once your wire gets about 3/4 of the way full of ornaments, it is time to whip out that glue gun. I arranged the ornaments and secured them in place by putting dabs of glue where necessary, doing my best to make sure none of the hanger was exposed. I then took the two ends of the hanger and glued them to the back of the wreath so that they would  not be seen.

IMG_2712 I used my glue gun to glue the remaining ornaments in areas that I thought needed to bulk up a bit. By the time I finished this task, I had a pretty full wreath.



What do you luvvies think?

I love that it is both colorful and festive. Every time I pass the wall where it hangs I feel a renewed sense of holiday joy!


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