DIY Chalkboard Coat Rack

With the seasons changing,  jacket-wearing days are soon to be upon us. Today's DIY is a project I did for my son's room. Not only is it an adorable project, but it also gives you a place to hang those cardigans and jackets so that they will be readily available on chilly fall mornings. Alternatively they make the perfect place to display necklaces and bracelets as well! Let's get started!


you will need

-A flat wooden plaque

-A drill and drill bit

-Chalkboard paint

-3 knobs (the size will depend on the size of the object you will be hanging on them)

-A frame hanger

-Chalk (not shown)

diy chalkboard coat rack

Begin by drilling three evenly spaced holes in your wood. The size of the drill bit should be slightly smaller than the circumference of the screws attached to your knobs.

After your holes have been drilled, paint your wood with the chalkboard paint.

Now go ahead and screw in your knobs. (If the backs of your knobs stick out really far, you may need to saw them off.)

Last but not least, attach your frame hanger and have fun decorating your rack with chalk!

What do you luvvies think?! I can't wait to see Ezra's baby cardigans on display all fall and winter long!


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