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DIY Bejeweled Hair Accessories

by 1 January 22, 2015

Remember those commercials for bejeweling kits? They were all the rage somewhere around 1998 and while you didn't find me exactly jumping on the bandwagon then, now I would just die for a little bejeweling kit. From today's barrette project to adding fun collar and pocket detailing, I think I could spend an entire day happily bejeweling everything. Last week we jazzed up our beanies to combat the mundane day-to-day routine, and this week we are taking our hair accessories up a notch. Creating these sparkly barrettes is as simple as one, two, three!  And while we didn't use a coveted, circa 98' bejeweling kit, we did find everything we needed at our local craft supply store. Check it out! bejeweledbarrettes


IMG_3791 —a glue gun (not pictured) —jewels —hair pins/barrettes To start, pick out your jewel combination by laying out different patterns before you start gluing. IMG_3792 Once you have settled on the perfect combo, use your glue gun to stick your jewels to the barrette. IMG_3794 Then, voila! You have a beautiful new hair accessory. IMG_3797 IMG_3817 The color combinations are endless and provide fabulous function you can enjoy every day. We hope you will enjoy taking your accessories to the next level with us! kaitlyn-sig darcy-sig