DIY Baking Clay Jewelry Dish

I have been seeing these cute handmade jewelry dishes on Etsy and just  loving their bright colors and how unique each dish can be. It appears that most of the dishes on Etsy are made with firing clay, making their quality a little higher, but using baking clay was way more fun than I ever would have imagined. You can buy baking clay at your local craft store in many different colors and it's really easy to work with. Let's get started!

You will need:

diyjewelrytray10 —cookie cutters —oven bake clay —gold leaf pen —black paint pin —rolling pin (not pictured) —water glass (not pictured) To get started, take your clay and start to mold it into a ball in your hand. Then, use your rolling pin to flatten the clay out into a circle. For this demonstration I used the square cookie cutter, but for the round trays I used a water glass. diyjewelrytray8 You will firmly press your cookie cutter or glass into the clay, then remove the excess. Don't throw the excess out! We will do something fun with it later. diyjewelrytray7 Once you have created your shapes, you will use your fingers to mold the sides of the dish up. Below are the different dishes I created. One with the square cookie cutter, and the rest with a glass. I took all the excess from each dish and mixed it together for what ended up being a unique multicolored dish—my favorite one. Now it is time to put these into the oven. You will preheat your oven to 275F then place the molds onto a cookie sheet lined with tin foil. There are instructions on the side of the clay packaging for how long you should bake an object per square inch of clay used. I ended up baking these for 55min. I did check on them every 10-15 min. Since this was my first time working with baking clay, I didn't realize it doesn't get as hard as firing clay. Just something to note if you are used to working with firing clay. When I say "used to" I'm taking about that one time I used clay in high school art class. IMG_4599 Once you have baked your dishes, let them cool off! Then it is time to decorate them. I used the black to make little plus signs and the gold leaf pen to accent the edges. diyjewelrytray5 Voila! diyjewelrytray1 diyjewelrytray3 diyjewelrytray2 I really enjoyed this craft and I hope you will try it! This would be a really fun crafting party to have with girlfriends. darcy-sig

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