DIY Acorn Vase

Hello, luvvies! With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, I think it is about time we turn our attention to our fall tabletops. Today's DIY, along with our Pumpkin Vase DIY, is a great option for adding some color and creativity to your Thanksgiving decor. Let's get started!


you will need

-A clear vase

-A candle

-A few handfulls of acorns

-Craft paint

-A paintbrushsteps

Begin by going outside and finding your acorns. Next, choose your paint colors based on the Thanksgiving color palette you are going for this year. Now, paint the bottoms of your acorns with your craft paint.

Once the acorns are dry, set the candle in your vase and fill in all around it with your colorful acorns! Finally, pair it with some mini pumpkins or fall flowers, and you have the perfect centerpiece!

Super easy, right?!


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