Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

You may remember me from when I was still on Facebook. Don’t take that departure personally; I just didn’t have the energy to maintain my virtual life anymore. Since then, I know we have been casually involved through reddit and instagram, to both of which I am unabashedly devoted. The nineties introduced us, and in junior high we began a relationship that I still greatly value—one that I feel has grown exponentially. And now, wide web, I’m prepared to take this to the next level: I’m joining the revolution of the prolific. I’m going to be a writer on a website.

I want to dig my fingers into the muddy mysteries of myth and popular culture and primal instinct. I am anxious to provide – and gain – insight into the world of the modern woman, and I hope to pose important questions to my readers about the female role in the twenty-first century. My writing will undoubtedly address the fascinating presentation of women in art, literature, film, and mass media. I am endlessly enamored with the topical minutiae of every woman’s daily routine, from her buzzing mind to her war-paint, and I want to explore these feminine elements through the magic of the interwebs.

Well, Internet, there you have it. I need you in my life. Let’s return to the intimacy of our good old days of facebook drivel; only this time, let’s allow our relationship to be a catalyst of change, a vehicle of confidence and positivity. My plea to you, readers of the wide web, is that you’ll stick with me and my helloluvvy team as we create something beautiful and important. Sharing this project with you all is the most joyful thing I could ever do, and I can’t wait to begin collaborating.

See you online,


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