Day Dreamin' to Night Timin' - Tips for Styling Day to Night on Valentine's Day


It's so great that Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year, but with that comes some added pressure to actually go out that night rather than have a night at home and then celebrate later. We're all guilty of putting off weekday plans (I'm too tired, but Netflix!) to the weekend, but this year Valentine's Day demands to be celebrated on its day! Because of this Katie and I wanted to bring you ladies some tips from transforming your look from day to night-friendly. Choosing an outfit can sometimes be a lengthy process, so by having one that works both ways, you're saving yourself some valuable getting-ready time!

Valentine's Day is all about the romance. Just as sparkles belong to New Years, lace, sensuous colors, and romantic details belong to Valentine's Day. As you pick out your outfit, keep in mind these key pieces as a guide.

Melinda's Day to Night Wear:  

peter pan color, day to night wear, wrap around braid, lace

Katie and I are both teachers so our daytime looks are ones that are professional, but fun. For my look, I am wearing an Everly dress I bought from E. Leigh's tent sale this summer. Over that, I layered a sweater from Old Navy. I am a huge fan of layering, and my favorite pieces to layer are great collars over sweaters. I am wearing a simple necklace with a "T" on it (for my husband Thom), and flats on my feet. I'm also, of course, rocking the braid I created a tutorial for earlier this week.

For night time, I made a few simple yet crucial changes to transform my look. peter pan collar, lace, day to night wear, wrap around braid I removed my sweater to showcase the detail of the ruffled shoulders. I also switched out my simple necklace for something with a little more shine, added some tall heels, and used Katie's makeup guidance to take my night makeup from night to day. Overall, these simple changes left me from feeling fun and cute to romantic and flirty.

peter pan collar, lace, day to night wear, wrap around braid Katie's Day to Night Wear: 

As Melinda said, being a (young-ish) teacher means working to find that fashionable balance between trendy and professional. My daytime look also starts with an Everly dress from E. Leigh's boutique here in Little Rock. I paired this geometric print with opaque black tight and short booties from Vince Camuto (via Dillard's). For warmth, I layered a long cream cardigan with black faux-leather piping (from Chelsea and Violet, also via Dillard's) and a faux-fur scarf. black and white, day to night wear

To take my look into full-tilt date mode, I replaced the cardigan with a cropped black jacket from Banana Republic. I also ditched the black boots for some hot little red suede pumps. For extra glamour, I added some costume jewelry and black gloves. And another layer of red lipstick, of course!  With a few little tweaks I was able to go from English nerd to date-night diva!

How would you transform your looks from day to night? We'd love to see your Valentine's Day outfits! Give Hello Luvvy's instagram (@hello_luvvy) a like and a tag, and we'll repost some of our favorite day-to-night looks.

We luvv you ladies! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at Hello Luvvy. Go and channel your most luvvly lady!


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