Date Night Alternative: The Romper

With Valentine's Day around the corner and local shops in a state of "in between" winter and spring, finding the perfect outfit may be tricky. So let's get creative and see what else is in your closet or on the racks; maybe you can add some great accessories like tights, shoes, or a belt to achieve that romantic look. In this case, as an alternative to the traditional dress or skirt, I thought I would try something new—a romper. Now you know I can really get into some jumpsuits, but never have I ever worn a romper until this very blog post. It's not that I was against them; I have personally tried on countless rompers without any luck. Traditionally, if you are a grown woman, the romper isn't made for you. I find that they are too short, or too tight—basically too tiny. They are made for tiny people with tiny little torsos. But finally, oh finally! I have found one that, in my opinion, is equally adorable and fits without me tugging at it every chance I get. TA1C9266 TA1C9271

TA1C9275Romper/Seychelle Heels/ClareV Clutch

Want to give the romper a try? Here's the trick ladies: go up one-two sizes. I'm sure this rule isn't absolute, but in the case of this romper it actually worked. I added tights and heels for the perfect alternative to a date night outfit. Give it a try luvvies and let me know how it works for you! This romper and the shoes are available at Maude Boutique. Photography by Lauren Blair. darcy-sig

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