Custom Fragrances from Pebble Perfumes + a Giveaway!

If there's one thing I enjoy more than switching my wardrobe into "Fall Mode," it's swapping out my summertime perfume for something warmer, sweeter, and totally autumn-appropriate. However, it's not always easy to find that perfect scent for you. The pretty bottles at department stores are nice, but haven't you ever felt tired of smelling just like everyone else? Don't you wish you could design your own perfume, like celebs do? Well luvvies, NOW YOU CAN. Thanks to Pebble Perfumes, run by local fragrance wizard Laura Siddons, you can personally design a unique, small-batch perfume of your very own. pebble perfumes (6)2 I've known Laura for several years, and was lucky enough to be gifted a free custom perfume! The experience was so incredible (and the results were so perfect) I couldn't wait to share with all of you. The Process:  To create the perfect "Katie" scent, Laura first had to find out a little about which fragrances and smells I am naturally drawn to. I filled out a fragrance form, in which I was asked questions about my favorite non-perfume smells, the perfumes I've loved in the past, and the scents that just don't do it for me. I excitedly filled out my fragrance form and emailed it back to her. Here's an example of what a section of the form looked like: pebble perfumes fragrance form2 I luvved the experience of thoughtfully filling out the fragrance form, and within a couple of days, Laura responded with a scent blueprint of my perfect future perfume: "I'm thinking top notes of currants and grapefruit that transition quickly into warm bread and milk middle notes. Then we could tie it all down with base notes of cedar and vanilla, and maybe some honey. I also think a teeny, tiny wisp of a very soft floral note would help keep it from being too overly heavy. You know, make it so it's not too 'sticky.'" Girls, I was more than  excited. I could already tell that this fragrance would be delicious, girly, and bold, all in the right ways. Laura mailed my custom, one-of-a-kind perfume to me within the next week, and I was more than delighted by the results. The second I sprayed on my perfume masterpiece, I felt like I'd been wearing it my whole life. It's sweet and feminine, while still playful and soft. It's the perfect "Katie" perfume. pebble perfumes (9) I couldn't wait to share this process of designing my own perfume with all of you readers! I managed to snag Laura for a quick Q&A about her passion for perfumes, and was amazed to find that her love of fragrance was actually born out of her own quest to find the perfect scent for her: "I guess that I’d have to say that Pebble’s roots lay in my own personal hunt for a fragrance that I truly loved.  I could never find one that really captured exactly what I wanted in a perfume.  Plus, I’ve always hated the idea of sharing my signature scent with someone else.  Scent is so closely tied to memory, so I feel like fragrance is a very personal part of your wardrobe.  I started out making my own fragrances as a hobby, and the business just kind of grew from there." pebble perfumes (2)2 One thing that I know you Little Rock luvvies will especially appreciate is the inspiration behind naming her perfume company Pebble Perfumes-- "little rock." Get it? Laura explains the local luvv, saying, "I found myself building perfumes around various neighborhoods in Little Rock, and this gave way to my Signature Line fragrances.  I wanted a brand name that reflected my inspiration, and since a pebble is a “little” rock, it seemed like the natural choice." That's right, LR gals: you can get fragrances inspired by some of your favorite neighborhoods in town! [caption id="attachment_8977" align="aligncenter" width="700"]these three perfumes were inspired by three adorable Little Rock neighborhoods: the Heights, Hillcrest, and Capitol View these three perfumes were inspired by three adorable Little Rock neighborhoods: the Heights, Hillcrest, and Capitol View[/caption] pebble perfumes (16) giveaway Let's face it: there's nothing more glamorous than designing and wearing your very own signature fragrance! For a chance to win a free 30ml bottle of your own hand-crafted small batch perfume, simply comment below, telling us what you'd want your dream custom perfume to smell like! Also make sure to follow Hello Luvvy and Pebble Perfumes on instagram.  With a new luxurious, one-of-a-kind perfume to wear, what more could a girl need? Probably some lipstick. katie-sig    

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