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Since the launch of Hello Luvvy, I've gotten several requests to post about how to style your hair with a curling wand. Also known as a heat wand or a hot stick, this is a tool that allows you to create perfect, long-lasting curls or waves without the crimping lines left behind by the clamp of a curling iron.

I will admit, this is sort of a dangerous process. I’m sure many of you have seen the video on Youtube of the poor girl who literally burns her hair off with one of these wands. I even a have a few battle scars from my own. But I believe I have now perfected my technique and would like to share it with you today.

**Update: Hello Luvvy has gone live! To see the full video tutorial, scroll to the bottom of the page!**

hot stick_2

First, you will need to get a curling wand. You can shell out big money on a fancy one, or you can get one like mine from the drug store for around $20.

[caption id="attachment_3043" align="aligncenter" width="750"]yes, it does resemble a medieval torture device. yes, it does resemble a medieval torture device.[/caption]

You’ll notice that most curling wands will come with what I lovingly call a “Michael Jackson glove,” which is the heat-resistant, burn-proof glove that you wear on one hand during the styling process.

hot stick_3

You’ll also notice that your wand probably doesn’t have a temperature knob on it like most curling irons; these wands have one temperature and it’s “Hot-as-Hell.” You’ve been warned.

Now to prepare your hair. You must use some kind of protective spray or oil on your hair before you style it using the curling wand. I use TreSemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray on my dry hair right before I style it.

hot stick_protective spray

This will not only protect your hair from the infernal heat of the wand, but will also keep your curls shiny throughout the day.

Once you’ve dried your hair and put the protective product on, go ahead and part your hair then clip either the right or left side up.

hot stick_4

I start styling on my left side since I’m right-handed and I like to get the difficult part over first.

Hold your wand upside-down in your glove-less hand, then pick up a section of hair with your gloved hand. (I usually pick up about a two-inch section, but the smaller the section is the tighter your curls will be; plus the smaller your sections of hair are, the longer it will take to style your whole head.)

hot stick_5

Wrap the first section of hair around the wand away from your face, all the way down, then hold it in place (making sure the ends are smoothed against the wand) with your gloved hand. Don’t hold it for too long: not only will your fingerprints get burned off, but potentially your hair as well. I hold it for about five seconds, or until I curse out-loud from the heat.

hot stick_6

Repeat these steps for all the sections of hair on that side of your head. To make the curls look fuller and more natural, you can alternate between wrapping each section of hair clockwise and then counterclockwise around the curling wand.

Once the first side is finished, un-clip Side Two and begin the same way, making sure the first section of hair is curled away from your face.

[caption id="attachment_3036" align="aligncenter" width="405"]hot stick_8 notice the round "bruise" on my right arm in background? not a bruise, but a burn scar. this curling wand is NO JOKE. handle with care, luvvies.[/caption]

You may need to go back through and re-curl sections near the crown of your head. This is another trick to make your style look thicker and more natural.

hot stick_10

When I’m done styling my whole head, I usually give the curls a minute or two to cool down, and then brush them out. No one wants too-tight prom-style ringlets. Brushing through the curls will give your hair body and allow the style to soften a bit. Spray with a medium-hold hairspray and TA-DA: you have gorgeous curls that will last all day (and through tomorrow, too. Just saying.)

hot stick_12

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ps - I only barely resisted the temptation to make several "magic wand" jokes in this one.

**Update: Hello Luvvy has a Youtube page now! Check out the video version of this tutorial below, and find us on Youtube for lots of other great fashion, crafting, and beauty tutorials!**

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