Culottes & Ruffle Tops

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Movement is really important in fashion. The way a fabric flows as it's worn down the runway or the way it's constructed to stay in one place is all methodically thought out by a designer.

In the same breath, the way a garment moves with or against your body is paramount in deciding whether or not you want to purchase something. Movement is important and it has a lot to do with why I luvv this outfit so much.

If you have followed this blog long, you know that I love anything that is new and different. I'm one of those people who actually enjoys change—constant change. I'm convinced that's why I enjoy fashion so much. It's an ever evolving, fluid point of expression and art.

I feel like over the years culottes have had their moments. Not long-standing, classic moments but moments none the less. I think women are undecided about the whole culotte thing and I get it. They are a little strange but I'm currently drawn to their obscurity. I purchased these at H&M in Seattle with excitement. And when I put them on to wear out on the town the next day, my husband who rarely says anything about what I'm wearing says, "You look great, but what happened to your pants?" I laughed pretty hard because like any good fashion lover, I can laugh at myself and at the same time absolutely love what I am wearing.

These pants are crazy fun and I love how they move. They go from straight and sleek, to wide and wild. They flow in the wind when I am standing still. They are wonderful. I've paired them with this heavily constructed cotton blouse from Zara. I love how it has frills but it stays in place—a wonderful contrast to the pants. I initially thought I would only want to wear these pants with a tighter top, tucked in— minding the fashion rule of showing the smallest part of your body. But the truth is that I think they look better with wide tops like the one I'm wearing, that hit around the hip or longer. Check this look out and let me know what you think about culottes.

hm, zara, helloluvvy, culottes,

hm, zara, culottes, hello luvvy

hm, zara, culottes

h&m satchel purse

dolce vita lace-up heel

zara ruffle blouse

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