Crazy for Triangles

polyvore triangles

Now, I was never one for geometry in school, but I have loved every bit of the geometric trend. I know that these shapes and patterns have been trending in both fashion and home decor for some time now, but I still can’t get enough. No offense to the other shapes, but I have a special love for anything triangular. Perhaps it is because three is my favorite number? I don’t know, but not only do I catch myself purchasing things with triangle patterns, I use them in my own crafts. Case and point: Remember my DIY coasters? As I was searching the interweb for inspiration, I came across several triangle products that made me swoon, so I thought I would share my wish list with you luvvly ladies.

triangle shelvesThese amazing triangle shelves can be found in the Perrodin Supply Etsy shop. I own two myself, and I just adore everything about them. Plus, they are handcrafted in my home town by the sweetest people you will ever meet.

triangle collar tips

I don't know about the rest of you luvvly ladies, but I love a good collar. Also, most days, at least one thing I'm wearing is floral, which is why these Floral Triangle Collar Tips from Topshop are so incredibly fabulous. They would add the perfect little triangle touch to any basic button down.

Chaser tie dye pyramid tankThis Chaser Tye Dye Pyramid tank fits perfectly onto my list. It is funky, warm weather-ready, and the bold black triangle against the feminine pastel tie dye is the perfect contrast. You can find this top at Savoir-Faire (a favorite here at HelloLuvvy).

deathly hallows ringOkay, I'm about to give myself away for being a major geek, but what are you going to do? This Deathly Hallows Ring (a lucky Etsy find) might just be my favorite thing on this list. (As in, I want it, and I want it badly.) I know I cannot be the only one!

jungle gold triangle pillow

This Jungle Gold Triangle Pillow, another Etsy find, rounds out my list. I have a bit of a throw pillow addictions, but I figure there are worse things. Love the color, love the triangles, love it all!

Is there a particular shape that appeals to you luvvly ladies??


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