Come Away With Me: Languedoc

SWFrance_header-01 Summer is gone. Gone like a freight train. Gone like yesterday. Gone like a soldier in the silver war, bang bang. Yes, it's the Montogomery Gentry kind of gone. I realized this as I put my daughter into a down jacket that covered three layers of clothing. I realized it right before I walked her puffy self down the stairs to put her in the sleeping bag attachment of our stroller. It's not warm here in London. But I thrive in warmth. So when the sun comes up at eight thirty and is on its way down by four I reminisce about the good times. Todays good ol' days are the southwest of France. And those days were so so good. I won't make you promise me you are going to go there until the end....but then I am going to ask you to promise...ok? We had originally planned on heading to Bordeaux. But upon calling something like one hundred and fifty spots in Bordeaux and hearing my husband ask, "parlez-vous anglais" (Do you speak english?) an equal amount of times we found out that all of Europe books their August Bordeaux vacation by December. It being June we were out of luck. Where our luck persisted was in my friendship to this lady. I am lucky to call her a friend  for many a reason but Lauren's travel expertise (and instagram account) where the particular four leaf clover I needed at that moment. Lauren insta-duced me to Chateau Le Carrasses (see her post and much better pictures here) and before she, her husband and precious little girl left the Chateau we had booked in for eight adults and two infants. The hotel was stellar. Really, out of this world. SWFrance_Place 1 The rooms rocked. I took exactly zero pictures of it and feel like a fool. Everywhere you looked there were country french nooks for sitting, relaxing, reading, whatever. The infinity pool only looked out over a vineyard and a cypress tree line drive - I mean, come. on. The outdoor restaurant was outstanding. It's where we celebrated Mat welcoming the last year of his 20's and I the last two of mine (we have the same birthday - cute, random). It's also where Mat took the baby in the mornings while I slept in so I loved it for that too. SWFrance_Place 2-01 There are Michelin starred restaurants and quaint cafes close enough for dinner every night or you could use the kitchen setup thats in every room. Or you could use the outdoor grills flanked by bocce ball courts. All good ideas. We had a picnic one day and that was South of France heaven. We were greeted with a terrace wine tasting. Of course. SWFrance_Food The Mediterranean is just a twenty minute drive from the front door. And amazing tiny French towns are as close as half and hour but you could go as far as  an hour and a half and not regret it. The hotel will provide you with information about these drivable destinations and recommend which ones are really worth your time. They also rocked it with our kiddos. The staffed gushed over them. They have a "play house" full of borrowable toys and games for children of all ages. They even brought bottle warmers and infant bath tubs to the room in addition to the typical baby cot. The option to stay in a larger maison with multiple rooms and stories would be great for families with multiple/older children. SWFrance_us-01 BTW its affordable. It's not crazy expensive like you might imagine and you are at an amazing Chateau. The kind where you sit on the terrace the last night, wine in one hand and pizza in the other, watching the sunset, chating with best friends and thinking "I can't believe we got to be here." So you are going to go, right? You promise? Signature_kelsey

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