Come Away with Me: Bath


The day-trip. It's one of those things that makes the cliche "living for the weekend" resonate in a real way. Here in London we haven't taken near as many "day trips" as I would have liked. It's easy and we still don't do it. Maybe you are a killer day-tripper. Maybe you spontaneously take off on Saturday morning after a Friday night whim, or maybe you plan your day trips out a month in advance; either way you are better than I. This day trip to Bath happened last January. A year ago. And I am stretched to think of any more day trips we have been on. Revisting this has made me determined to go for a day sometime soon. And I encourage you with all my might to do the same. It's having a truffle without eating the whole box - you never regret it. So find your favorite flavor and enjoy. If you are in England, I am all for a quick trip to Bath. Oh my lands. It was perfect little day away. We arrived to a beautiful town nestled into a valley surrounded by snow covered mountains. The abnormal had happened and it had snowed here in London. It was SO PRETTY. Pretty and cold.  So cold, in fact, I kept my hands in my pockets. When I went to download the pictures to add to this post I realized I had taken a grand total of four pictures on our camera. I had to combine them with those from Mat's phone and my instagram to get anything fairly comprehensive. An old colleague of Mat's lives in Bath and we met her and her family for lunch.  I had only been introduced to her once before and it was in Barbados: we were visiting Crane beach and happened to run into her while we were walking along the sandy shore. This time when I shook her hand, we had traded  the sand/scantily clad beach attire for snow/layers and layers of clothing. It was an exercise in opposites. Lunch at the gastropub Hall & Woodhouse could not have been more English or, in other words, perfect for this excursion. The building had multiple stories and huge glass windows, a modern take on classic English design with a fireplace, fish & chips and coconut curry. The company was as impressive as the gastropub and we had a great time. Good company always makes a meal go down that much better.

Travel_Bath Collage-01

After lunch Mat and I walked around this quaint town. We meandered down cobblestone streets, walking in and out of precious little home stores and modern boutiques. There is also a section full of all the chains that make the retail world go round. Something for everyone, really. The town was established as a Roman spa and continues to be a spa town to this day. We didn't actually go to a spa or the hot springs, but on our next visit I am sure we will do just that. We did manage to make our way into one of the local pubs. I was really cold and actually pretty tired, and Mat was unsurprisingly feeling like the day would not be complete without a cask ale. We found our way back to a pub we had seen along one of the cobblestone side streets called The Raven. It was a pub's pub. Mat complained about a grand total of nothing. The Raven was small, multiple-storied and smelled a little bit like old wood. Mat enjoyed his cask ale and I enjoyed sitting indoors. We returned home on the train, ordered in Thai food and watched a movie on our computer, contemplating when we would return. The answer might be this January. We will just have to see. Take a day trip. They are quite lovely.

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