Colorful Trench Coats: Trendy Tuesday

If there is one trend I am really crushing on now, it is the trench coat. Not only are they hot right now, you are going to see their popularity continue to grow into the spring months and be available in every color you can imagine. The chic trench styles are very modern and while this coat is warm, it doesn't really feel like a coat. It is not something I would want to immediately take off when I walk into a room—it is part of the outfit, not strictly utility. I know this would look amazing over a dress or skirt, but I just wanted to keep things simple today, show you all how I dress on my days off—jeans, comfy shirt, booties and trench. Another trend that I might be even more obsessed with is pastel pink paired with bright red. Maybe it's my affinity for strawberry ice-cream, but this color palate just speaks to me. While it is dreary and cold outside, I'm not going to sacrifice my luvv of color. TA1C7948 TA1C7967 TA1C7976 TA1C7985

Trench Coat/Red Sweater Top/J.Crew Toothpick Denim/Steve Madden Fringe Bootie/Vintage Coach Belt Bag


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