Color Correcting Tutorial

color corrector (30) Happy February, luvvies! Today's post is all about using green color correcting concealer to make your skin look flawless. This tutorial is both exciting and terrifying, as I will be sharing photos of my (mostly) naked face and talking about some of my skin insecurities. color corrector (6) text The ironies of being a 31-year-old beauty blogger are not lost on me. I realize that my skin is not perfect, and that those imperfections (dark circles, fine lines, redness, etc.) are a natural hazard of aging. I also realize that using any kind of heavy editing, photoshopping, blurring, teeth-whitening, or face-tuning filters would be somewhat misleading in the world of beauty blogging for real women. My unspoken pledge to you, dear readers, has always been to "keep it real" throughout my various makeup and skincare experiments, while still illustrating the power of cosmetics to improve upon one's real beauty. This brings me to today's topic: covering up red spots.   color corrector (3) My desperate need for a color-correcting product came thanks to broken capillaries on my cheek and around my nose. These reddish spots are more noticeable on my skin in the winter when I'm at my palest. After slathering on regular skin-toned concealer for a few months, I finally admitted to myself that it wasn't enough coverage to even out my skin tone. color corrector (5) text Having never purchase green concealer before, I went the drugstore route and picked up this Anti-Redness Primer from Loreal. color corrector (9) To use the color-correcting concealer, squirt a small amount onto the back of your hand (as opposed to squeezing the product directly onto your fingertips); this will allow you to apply a very tiny amount of the green primer at a time. And trust me-- a little goes a long way. If you use too much of this product, you'll wind up looking sea-sick. Using your fingertip, dot the primer over any areas of redness and remember to be delicate-- you can always go back and add more if you need to. color corrector (10) Use a makeup wipe or washcloth to wipe your fingers, then gently go about blending in the green concealer. color corrector (18)color corrector (17) Now it's time to cover the greenish tint with your normal concealer. For this tutorial I'm using my Fix It stick from Dior. color corrector (20)color corrector (21) Use a beauty sponge (or your fingertips) to blend out your skin-toned concealer. All redness should be successfully concealed! And since the formula for this particular anti-redness primer is especially light, it shouldn't feel caked on. color corrector (22)color corrector (27) You can always top this expert color correction job with your favorite BB cream, foundation, or powder to really set in the coverage. The beauty of color correction products is that they allow your skin to look its best in photos and in real life, without the need for a heavy foundation (or heavy IG filters). Have a great week, katie-sig  

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