Christmas Recipe Exchange

christmasrecipeexchange Let's have a recipe exchange to get inspired for Christmas dishes. I have NEVER cooked a Christmas dinner before. Every year for Christmas my husband and I travel to see my relatives that live far away. Well, this year, we aren't traveling because my very, very pregnant body cannot handle an extended car ride. Seriously y'all, driving to work is a PAIN. Anyway, because we will be home, I am working on compiling recipes to make the best possible Christmas dinner. Here's the deal though: I need help. And I came up with the perfect way to get that help: an online recipe exchange. I thought about how cookie exchanges, where everyone brings a type of cookie and the recipe to share, are so popular and thought, why can't we do something like that online? So instead of a cookie exchange, we're doing a recipe exchange. I've posted some of my favorite recipes for the holiday season, and I hope in return you will comment on the bottom of this page or on Instagram some of your favorites. Then we can have a growing list of the BEST Christmas recipes for all to share. These can be recipes for Christmas dinner or just recipes to make around the holiday season like the treats you make for work.  


Bacon Brussels Sprout Casserole - Originally I created this recipe for Thanksgiving, but I think it could go nicely with the Christmas spirit as well. It will forever be the dish that transformed brussels sprouts for me! brusslesspourts Mayan Hot Chocolate - Last year I made my very own homemade liquer. While I can't drink it this year, I can still GIFT it which is almost just as good.irishcreamluvv Holiday Simmer   - Want your house to smell good? Of course you do. This recipe for my holiday simmer is perfect to make for yourself or to give to others.holidaysimmer Eggnog Cake/Chocolate Velvet Cake - The very FIRST recipe I ever created for HL! I loved these minicakes then, and two  years later, I still love 'em.threecakes Peppermint Fudge - I brought this to you luvvs just last week, but since it's a great, quick Christmas dessert, I wanted to include it in our exchange!peppermintfudge I can't wait to see what recipes y'all think are amazingsuperterrificwonderful Christmas dishes.  Comment below!melinda-sig

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