Chai Ice Cubes

It's summertime and that means it is iced coffee time. I love ice coffee so much, but I also love chai tea, so rather than separating my two loves, I've brought them together. Just as a dirty chai combines espresso and chai, this recipe combines chai and iced coffee to make your mornings that much better. Lord knows, I need to keep my coffee addiction interesting and this is the trick! With a three month old baby, it is inevitable that I needed to experiment with coffee. I can't wait to see what else there is to create with these chai ice cubes. Their simple but pack a lot of flavor. DSC_34551 lineIngredients Chai mixture Cinnamon Half of halfDSC_34231 line Directions Keep it simple this summer with how easy this is! First, get your favorite ice tray ready. Then fill each slot with half chai mixture. DSC_34291 The other half will be filled with half of half or whatever other dairy creamer you love (almond, soy, whatever!). DSC_34391 Then top with cinnamon. DSC_34611 Now freeze!! DSC_34681 After a few hours of freezing, they will be ready to put into your iced coffee. DSC_34791 The cinnamon and the coffee combine to be some of my favorite flavors. DSC_34821 What other recipes would be good with these chai ice cubes? Maybe a coffee cocktail? Let's keep inspiring one another my luvvs! DSC_34851

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