Cakes Three Ways and a Curse

Cakes 3 Ways_Header 3-01 Entertaining requires cake. And I have a cake curse. I don't know how I got it and I don't know how to get rid of it; all I know is at big events where cake is nothing if not necessary, the one thing that isn't going to come through is the cake. Exhibit one: My wedding. For my wedding the cake was delivered mostly undecorated. The enthusiastic delivery guy placed it on the table grinning ear to ear while I stood watching in my wedding dress just thirty seconds before leaving to head to the church: "So, do you love it?!?"  It was a flawlessly iced white. Flawless, I say. I know because two of the three layers had nothing additional to distract me from that flawless icing. No one had tried to cover the base icing up with anything else. The solution? Flower guy added flowers. The problem is I love cake. But the curse has control of my entertaining life. But you? You aren't cursed. If you have a party and invite me, it is likely I will actually get to try one of these delicious options. If I chose to go ahead with these for an event of any importance the curse will certainly come alive, barring me from certain pastry delight. So summon up all your southern soul for a backyard gathering and serve strawberry cake in a mason jar. Cakes 3 Ways_Jars-01 I'll bring sweet tea punch. Or maybe we should think trendier. This Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch, Vanilla Bean Cake is gluten free and ombre to boot. Cakes 3 Ways_Ombre GF-01 I'll wear vegan sandals. You are so sweet to remember that my birthday isn't all that far off! I prefer the classics if I am the one blowing out the candles. Either this yellow cake with chocolate frosting (and sprinkles) or this yellow cake with vanilla frosting (and sprinkles) will do beautifully. Cakes 3 Ways_Celebration-01 I'll write the thank you notes. Just in case you didn't believe me about the curse before... Exhibit two: Faye's First Birthday We sat with a very charming English lady to taste her cakes and pick out the perfect sweet centerpiece for Faye's party. As we were setting up the party I asked the guy running our shindig when the cake would arrive. He didn't have to say anything. The way he looked at me I knew immediately that the cake delivery wasn't on his agenda and that a cake wasn't scheduled to be there. Fifteen minutes later he confirmed my suspicions. The charming cake lady had forgotten to place the order for the birthday cake. The Solution?  The bakery sent over two cakes that they just happened to have extra. I dream of tasting again the wonder that was her lemon curd mixed with butter cream between two layers of lemon sponge. This is why I am giving you three ideas for party cakes. Party cakes that I would like to have at a party of my own. Because these cakes were pretty but they weren't my lemon dream. Cakes 3 Ways_Fayes Cakes-01 Make these three celebratory convections. To invite me to your party, feel free to post in the comments. kelsey-sig

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