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Here in Arkansas it seems our foodie time is finally on the horizon. With more food bloggers, writers, and inventive restaurants than ever, Arturo Solis and Carly Garner saw a way to support this growing community. With the creation of the food journal  "Bruto!", they hope to bring together those that are inspired by food, those that love to photograph food, to write about food, to enjoy food.  As I talked about a couple of weeks ago, food has the potential to unite people simply because of the way it speaks volumes about our culture.  Through this uniting force, a strong community of creators can be born. I am excited to share with you luvvs the musings of the two creators. If you feel inspired by them, by the idea, or by the potential that exists, please consider submitting your own work or donating to this non-profit journal. DSC_2162 Melinda Asewicz (MA): When you two first dreamed of the idea of this zine/food journal, you had planned on it being focused around just the city of Little Rock. What made you decide to open up it up further to the rest of the state? Carly Garner (CG): We had someone who lives in Harrison that wanted to submit so they could talk about food in Harrison. This made us really want to open it outside of where we live. MA: Since you've opened it up to the state, as it begins to grow, how far would you be willing to open up this food journal? Would you want the focus to be Southern, or what other focus would you want? Arturo Solis (AS): I think it'd be nice to bring the stories of those that are from Arkansas that have moved away, or have traveled to different places to bring those stories back. It's more about time and place or space, to be in the moment, but to also share those moments with one another. MA: Of the different ways this idea could have manifested, why did you choose a zine versus something online? CG: We wanted it to be something tangible. We want something not quite magazine size, but maybe half the size. Something glossier with text in between the submitted images. We love to be able to physically hold the images and stories that we're sharing. AS: We love the spirit of the zine as an independently published journal. Ultimately it's a platform for writers, artists, photographers, people that want to tell a story. We want to make it something honest and genuine, to pick things that are interesting to people so out of respect for those people submitting, we can provide them with a physical book. MA: What's your own personal connection to food? The love of food or food as lifestyle? AS: I love cooking. It is a constant part of my life. CG: I just like to eat, so we make good friends because I get to eat everything he cooks. DSC_2108 MA: Why is Arkansas a good format for this audience? AS: Arkansas is a good place to be now because of the interest in food and independent people doing their own food or projects. People making their own cheese, coffee, and so on. Ultimately, with the food zine, we want it to be it coming from us sharing the stories of people. We want it to be something that reaches everyone. Sharing not just the mainstream food and culture, but also things that are on the back burner, or things that have already went. To encompass it all. It's also a lifestyle magazine. How people live life based on your food cravings or your interests in art, photography, music, literature etc. MA: Is there anyone you want to let everyone know about "Bruto!" that hasn't been covered yet? CG: We want to let everyone know that this is independent, non-profit food and lifestyle journal. We just want to share people's passions. We want as many submissions as possible, so I want people to really feel like they can submit everything they're interested in. We'll be hosting a fundraiser Thursday the 31st of July at South on Main (Little Rock, AR). There's a suggested donation of $5 dollars, but it's optional. We'll also be doing a kickstarter, taking whatever donations we can. Our goal is $1,ooo dollars to cover the price of the production. Here's a link to their website if you're interested in submitting or checking it out! I hope we all continue sharing our love of food through Hello Luvvy, and any other venues like Bruto! that presents themselves. Let's continue to grow a beautiful community of food lovers. Happy Eats My  Sweets, melinda-sig

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