Brow Brush-down, ft. Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

One of my favorite parts of my makeup routine is filling in my eyebrows. Nicely defined brows can provide amazing structure and lift to your face without adding too much color (or time!) to your morning routine. Since the beginning of HL, I have experimented with almost every type of eyebrow product -- pencils, powders, gels, spoolies, combs, dyes, etc -- and I think after much searching, I've finally found my OTP (one true pairing) when it comes to brow business: DipBrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. brow brush up There's a reason people are totally nuts over this product. Multiple reasons, in fact: it's waterproof, smudge-proof, long-lasting, and it comes in loads of beautiful, creamy shades. I've chosen Chocolate (a lovely warm brown) for this tutorial because I love the drama of a contrasting brow (with my blonde hair). brow brush up (6) Now the main focus of this tutorial is application, not just product recommendation. Once you've decided upon your chosen brow filler, grab your nearest brow brush. Mine happens to be double-sided with an eyelash comb. I think this tool was around $2 at Walgreens-- and it's become a total must-have for me. The best trick: before you fill your brows in, use your brush to comb the delicate hairs down toward your eyes. This allows you to perfectly see the shape of the arch of your brow. brow brush up (4) Once your natural brow arch is visible, begin filling in along the curve of your arch. Apply product in gentle, stroke-like motions back toward the tail of each brow. For this tutorial I'm using a pro angled brush from Japonesque (and my DipBrow pomade, of course). brow brush up (9) When you've successfully filled in your arch and outer tail of each brow, go back with your brush (or pencil) and carefully fill in the rest of your brow. Angle your brush (or pencil strokes) toward the top of your brow so each stroke will mimic the natural growth pattern of the hair. brow brush up (10)brow brush up (11) Repeat on the other brow! brow brush up (14) Now that both eyebrows are filled in, grab your brow brush one more time. Instead of brushing down, this time you're going to use the bristles to brush brows upwards. This not only creates a more lush, full brow look, but it also blends the brow filler in so that each individual stroke is not visible. brow brush up (17)brow brush up (19) There you have it, luvvs -- perfect brows, every time. brow brush up (24) katie-sig

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