Braided Headband Tutorial

Hello, luvvies. Today's tutorial comes to you straight from my childhood, during which I acquired a treasure trove of plastic headbands, the favorite of which inspired today's look. This favorite headband was just a regular wide plastic headband, but attached all the way across was a thick blonde braid of (synthetic) hair. I considered this braided headband to be my "fancy" headband, and I remember saving it to wear on vacation to the beach. Now over twenty years later, I still love both braids and headbands. So today's in this tutorial I'll be creating my own version of the braided headband using my real hair. braided headband (3) To create this look, you're going to need two small, clear hair elastics and a couple of bobby pins. braided headband (32) You'll want to start with day-two hair (which will be easier to braid) and a good spraying of -- what else? -- dry shampoo. braided headband (31) Now flip all of your hair over to one side exposing your temple and ear. Section off a small piece of hair right at your temple, then divide it into three sections to create your first braid. Notice I left a little section of hair loose in front of the braid. You'll want to do this on both sides. braided headband (25) Secure the first braid with one of your clear elastics. braided headband (24) Now flip all your hair over to the other side and repeat the braiding process on a small section of hair from above your other temple. Again, leave some hair out of the braid to fall around your face. braided headband (21) Once both braids are tied off with your elastics, you're ready to wrap them over your head to create the headband. braided headband (19) Take one braid and stretch it tightly over the top of your head. Use a bobby pin to secure it behind the opposite ear. braided headband (17) Do the same with your other braid and bobby pin. braided headband (14) Once both little braids have been pinned into place behind your ears, use your fingers to carefully pull all of your loose hair over the ends of each braid so the bobby pins aren't visible. braided headband (8)braided headband (7) I love these sweet little braids so much. You could easily section off a bigger piece of hair if you wanted a thicker braid headband, or you could carefully use your fingers to gently loosen the loops of the braid to create a messier look. This style is perfect for summer because it's quick and casual; but despite its subtlety, every time I wear my hair like this, it feels a little bit special. Just like I did when I wore that fake-hair braided headband in the summer of 1995. braided headband (5) [caption id="attachment_15895" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Instagram proof of my "fancy" headband. Instagram proof of my "fancy" headband.[/caption]    

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