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As I sit here typing for you luvvs, I am iced into my house. Cabin fever would be setting in if it wasn't for getting to create something wonderful for you. Sitting around my house, I noticed I had these flowers left over from my Valentine's creations and rather than letting them just die, I gave them new life. I know you're ready for Spring, so let this cocktail tip take you to a time filled with sunshine, color, and newness. florals, cocktails, fancy, flower ice, decorative ice This ice will step up your cocktail game. It's not just about tasting good, it's about looking good. Put on your flower crown, sip your flower cocktail, and bask in the beauty all around you.



Water Flower(s) of your choice Ice trays


First, we want to make the clearest ice possible. In order to do this, you want to boil the water before you make ice cubes. I know, crazy: boil it before I chill it? Yes, its crucial! The clearer the ice, the more you can show off your beautiful flowers. DSC_03461 Now get your flowers ready. You want to clean off your petals before putting them into anything. I had tulips and roses in the house, so I decided to try a couple of different techniques to see what ice could be the prettiest. Spoiler alert, they're both gorgeous! I'd assume any flower will work! For the tulips, I cut the tulips into long slices. I then tied the tulip strips into bows. This creates a mini-flower that is oh so adorable. DSC_03491 For the roses, I made mini-roses by taking the petal and rolling it. DSC_03701 Then take your boiled water and pour it into your ice tray. Then drop in your petals. DSC_03731 You can get adventures and make large ice cubes as well.  To make larger ice, I like to use a muffin tin. It makes the perfect size for most glasses. For these, either put a whole petal in, or part of a bulb. florals, cocktails, fancy, flower ice, decorative ice This makes a great statement piece of ice. The small ones are nice for combining different flowers and different colors. DSC_04181DSC_04041 I can't wait to see what other luvvly treats the spring time will bring us. <3 <3 <3 DSC_04091 Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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