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   When we started Hello Luvvy last March, we started based on the fact that we wanted to create a new online community for women that was positive and fun. We didn't have many of the tools that people think you must have to start something like this, and I understood from the beginning that I wasn't fluent in the language of design and photography. But both are things that I absolutely love, so I knew I would enjoy the challenge of starting our community then slowly working to make it better. Many people have told me through this process that when it comes to blogging and websites, that you should never post anything that isn't perfect. The more I thought about us always being perfect, the more I realized how ridiculous that was. We are not perfect; we will never be perfect. I'm not even sure any of us would want to be, but I believe that over time you will see us growing and making our website better.  We started this from bare bones and if we grow to be full bodied, I think our followers will appreciate us even more. The back bone of HelloLuvvy from the start is a love of bringing good and consistent content to our readers. That is what we will continue to deliver and hopefully over time this content will begin to look more beautiful and cohesive.

Learning from the best is the beginning of this process. If you follow us on Instagram (@hello_luvvy), you might have seen me posting all last weekend about Blog Shop. Blog Shop is a two day crash course in photoshop by two very talented ladies: Bri Emery and Angela Koehler. Bri is a graphic designer and Angela a photographer, both from L.A. and working in a photoshop world. I was so excited to learn from these professionals but the first day of the class I was very nervous. I had only just downloaded photoshop and I hadn't even touched it. It looked scary and daunting. It didn't take me long to realize however, that these ladies were going to whip me and the rest of us into shape. The first day was hard, maybe even harder than I thought it would be, but the second day it was amazing how things started to click so much more easily than the day before. I know it will take me a lot of time to master these photoshop skills, but I am excited that I now have some of the tools I need to begin that mastery and bring that to this website.

The class took place in an empty art gallery in Austin, TX. The space and the added decor was picture perfect.


 I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this class. The time flew by and I couldn't wait for the next challenge.


I only wish I could have stayed longer learning from these ladies and in the company of some really fun, creative people.


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