Better Than False Lashes

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As many of you know, I am on an endless quest for longer eyelashes. While I am currently using SmartLash, I am not a patient woman. So while I'm waiting for results from the eyelash enhancer, I splurged on Too Faced brand's nylon lash extension system, Better Than False Lashes (BTFL). And let me tell you luvvies: it's incredible.


Now I know you're hesitant at the mention of a "lash extension system," as the product's title seems to foretell some overly-involved process. I assure you this is not the case; rather, BTFL consists of three tiny steps that will in no way slow your morning makeup routine.


First, you prep the lashes with the mascara. This makes them somewhat stiff and sticky, which is important for the next step.


Secondly, you brush on the extensions. The nylon in this product is literally fabric. I admit, it even surprised me to uncap the small tube and see white fuzz all over the brush. I thought surely I'd been sold a moldy primer. But as you brush the nylon fibers onto your already-wet lashes, they cling and build upon one another, making your natural eyelashes seem longer and thicker.


Apply another coat (or two) of the mascara from step one over the white fibers and watch in amazement. BTFL gives the illusion of not false lashes, but incredibly long natural lashes. And at the end of your long day, the mascara and nylon fibers wash away easily with warm water.


Downside: it can be a bit difficult to get used to the extensions. You can avoid getting the fibers in your eyes through careful application, but just the extra length and weight of the product can be mildly uncomfortable.

I recommend the Better Than False Lashes extension system very highly, although I realize it's pretty fancy-shmancy. As a side-note, I also like Maybelline's Falsies mascara collection, it's just tougher to remove without losing a few of your natural lashes.

And finally, stay tuned for the results of the SmartLash beauty experiment.


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