berry luvvy


in celebration of the launch of hello luvvy i thought it would be fun to create a very luvvy cocktail! because afterall who doesn't love a good cocktail hour? here is what i came up with, i hope you luvv it!

berry luvvy


simple syrup (for fancy ice cubes)

2-4 mint sprigs

1 tablespoon of country time strawberry lemonade mix

6 ounces of 7up

2-3 ounces of stolichnaya white pomegranik vodka

1 strawberry




make ice cubes out of simple syrup with a single mint leaf in each cube. lightly muddle the mint and strawberry lemonade mix with 7up in a mixing glass until the mix dissolves and the mint becomes fragrant. add vodka and shake with regular ice. strain over simple syrup ice cubes into serving glass. garnish with a strawberry slice and enjoy!


for extra luvv:  slice your strawberry into the shape of a heart!






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