Beauty Profile: Meet Jessica H.

This week for Makeup Monday, I am thrilled and honored to introduce you to the incredible, stunning, pint-sized whirlwind that is Jessica Humerick. 001_2 007 My Little Rock luvvies probably already know her, or at least know of her (if you do not, prepare to feast your eyes: @herpoeticaesthetic on Instagram). She's a personal stylist and makeup artist here in Central Arkansas, and she's redefining the beauty ideals of the South. Jessica has worked with everyone in the area, from photographer John David Pittman, to Merry Kline of Belle & Blush, to her current digs at Meredith Melody studio in Hillcrest.  022 Meredith and Jessica were sweet enough to let me drop by the studio for some quick photos and an interview; keep scrolling to see what inspires and motivates this California-girl-turned-Southern-Gothic-dreamboat. Katie Evans: What three words would you use to describe your beauty style? Jessica Humerick: Yikes! 3 words? Ok let’s do this: moody, story-telling, evolving. KE: How do you feel that the standards for feminine beauty have changed since our parents’ generation? JH: I've lived so many different lives. My beauty style has changed more than a chameleon on an acid trip. That’s the luxury of the world we live in. We don’t have barriers we have to breathe in. We don’t have to conform to any predetermined standards anymore. My mom had me when she was 18, so I lived vicariously through her in the 80’s. My earliest memories of beauty are watching her put on fierce eye shadow, bright red lipstick, and killer heels. She taught me from an early age to embrace and love being a woman, and to transform into whoever you want, whenever you want. I’m lucky. 012_2 KE: How did you come to be a makeup artist? And what are the most rewarding things about that career? JH: Easy. Betsy Johnson show. LA. I was nineteen. I wanted in on the madness! The next day I waltzed into The Performers Academy in Laguna and said I wanted to do makeup for the students' head shots. Man, I wonder what that lady saw when she looked at me. I was so green, and I was shakin’ in my combat boots. There are so many variables that are rewarding. It’s about helping other women see their beauty and power. It’s about that “click” for me, pure and simple. KE: What or who inspires your beauty style? JH: Architecture, literature, music, men. I love a feminine twist on androgyny. I’m usually in structured black attire, and the only ounce of color is the red that I wear on my lips. I like to live in a world of contrasts. 014 (700x700) (2) KE: What are your favorite elements of the beauty world? Lipstick? Skincare? Color? Drama? Etc. JH: I’m a wild child at heart, so I might talk skincare with my clients all day, but do I actually do it? I’ll try. Then I’ll go on a creating frenzy, drink some whiskey, and fall asleep with my lipstick and eyeliner. I always smile when someone says that I make my look seem so effortless and then ask me to duplicate it for them. KE: What beauty trends are you predicting to be big this fall? JH: Dark, simple elegance. It’s going to be a youthful spin on shattered innocence. Fresh, dewy skin with conflicting dark lips, bold brows. I could live in a perpetual fall/winter. KE: What makes you feel like your most beautiful, confident self? JH: Getting lost in my books, when a client gets so happy from seeing her face that she tears up, finding that one vintage treasure. Falling in love, drowning in live music where I can escape my constant thoughts. Laughing with my silly friends and album debates. Hell, I don’t know… every morning I just look in the mirror, put on my red lipstick and am just like, “Ok Jessica, let’s do this.” 008_2 Well luvvs, it doesn't get much realer than that. Jessica is the perfect example of grace, confidence, and originality that we obsess over here at Hello Luvvy. We hope she inspires you (to go put on your lipstick)! katie-sig  

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