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Beauty Mystery Solved: Use Conditioner First?

by 2 May 02, 2016

I should start this post with a confession: I am unable to resist clever marketing tricks. I'm even weaker when those tricks involve novel-yet-stunningly-obvious ways of doing simple things, like washing your hair. So recently I was sucked right in to an ad on Youtube describing TRESemme's new Beauty-full Volume hair care routine, which -- according to spokeswoman and my own personal girl-crush Chrissy Teigen -- involves "reversing your routine" and using condition before shampoo every day in the shower. Chrissy-Teigen-Tresemme-Commercial-Bloopers-2016 Um, what? My tiny brain exploded after hearing the ad. Condition first? That's madness, right? Would that work with the shampoo and conditioner I already have in my shower? Better not try it. I should try their new novel product. Their "game-changing regimen."  I went to Walgreen's and bought the Beauty-full Volume two-step reverse system. IMG_4737   The directions were simple enough: wet your hair, put in two or three pumps of the conditioner (in the white bottle with the "1" on it), and leave it in for around a minute. Rinse it out then wash with the shampoo (in the black bottle with the large "2" on it). Rinse and prepare for amazing volume. As someone with fine hair, I was pumped at the prospects. I have definitely felt disappointed by heavy, greasy conditioners that have left my hair feeling dirty or stringy. I loved the idea of washing second, removing any chance of leftover conditioner in my hair.   Testing it out: My first few times using the reverse system were sadly underwhelming. I didn't notice a huge difference in the fullness of my hair after drying and styling it. Plus, changing up your shower routine is a bizarre stutter in your morning. The shampoo itself is very gentle, so hair isn't overly dried out or stripped of natural oils. BUT the positive results of using the Beauty-full products have been gradual and lasting. After a week of using the reverse system, my hair seemed to look and feel fuller after blow-drying it, and my volume was definitely starting to last longer throughout the day. IMG_4741 Final thoughts: After three weeks of using the reverse system, I have to say that I'm hooked. My hair does feel much lighter and bouncier. Without being weighed down by residual conditioner, my hair holds curl better and dries more quickly with the hairdryer. I would recommend trying the reverse system with whatever conditioner and shampoo you might have in your shower right now-- just make sure to use a some kind of detangler before combing through wet hair. If your shampoo isn't formulated to go on after conditioning, then you might have some painful knots in your hair. IMG_4742