Beauty Must-Haves: My Winter Survival Kit

Oh, hello winter. Didn't expect to see you so soon. When cold weather hits, I stock up on my must-haves for winter weather. This is the time of year when our hair and skin demand extra care to stay in tip-top shape. So today I've compiled a list for you luvvies of the beauty products that help me face these freezing temps. 1) Lip Balm: Smith's Rosebud Salve winter list_rosebud salve   I searched for literally years to find the perfect treatment for my badly chapped lips. Smith's is the only thing I've found that does the trick. It's cram-packed with essential oils and can be used on cracked heels or raw noses as well. Buy it here. 2) Hair Mask: Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment winter list_living proof restore mask   I love this moisturizing product because it works really well on all hair types-- even my super-fine baby hair. Use it in place of your normal conditioner once or twice a week and you will immediately see your hair appear softer, smoother, and healthier. Shop the entire Living Proof line (which I LUVV) here. 3) Sunless Tanner: Jergens Natural Glow winter list_jergens duo   Confession: it is during the cold months of winter that I most miss lying in the warmth of a tanning bed. I'm very satisfied, however, with the healthy glow provided by using everyone's self-tanner darling, Jergens Natural Glow. Their self-tanning line just keeps getting better, as can be seen in the above photo of their facial cream tanner and their new foaming daily moisturizer. Get the glow here. 4) Hand Cream: Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream winter list_neutrogena hand cream Avoid dry, cracked skin on your hands with one of my all-time (family) favorites. When I was growing up, both of my parents used this Neutrogena hand cream, so its very light scent is pretty nostalgic for me (don't worry, it also comes in fragrance-free). Aside from that sentiment, I love this product because it works. Get it here.   5) Static Guard winter list_static guard You may not think of Static Guard as a beauty product, but let me tell you: my hair is completely unmanageable in the winter months without it. The drier air creates so much static in my clothes and hair that the only solution for me was to invest in multiple bottles of this stuff. Tip for other fine-haired luvvs: keep a travel-sized bottle in your car's console! Order it here. Collect all these items into your winter beauty kit; from the looks of things so far, you're going to need them. Happy Monday, luvvs-- now go put on your lipstick. katie-sig   ps - Read more about the beautiful kitty in our featured image here.

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