Beauty Experiment: SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer


I have officially tried every mascara. I've used the gunky mascara that promises that "false lash" look. (Is that even a good thing?) Oh, and I've definitely been through my glue-on eyelash stage: strips and singles. I've begged my eye doctor for samples of the fancy glaucoma eyedrops that supposedly give you thick beautiful eye-fringe. In short, I've tried everything to deal with my short, thin, puny eyelashes, and I have finally had enough.

At the suggestion one of my personal beauty advisors, I am trying out a new “eyelash enhancer,” SmartLash. This physician-formulated serum has recently become a popular substitution for the former heavy hitter in the lash-enhancing game, Latisse. A couple of years ago, Latisse (a prescription eye drop actually formulated from a glaucoma treatment) was all the rage; however, the side effects were pretty dramatic, ranging from moderate discomfort or itching of the eye, all the way to discoloring the eyelid or iris. (No thank you, Brooke Shields.)

Enter SmartLash: an over-the-counter, cheaper alternative. While I have only just received my tube, you best believe that I’ll be keeping you luvvies updated on the effectiveness of the product. The directions say that users may begin to see results from the use of SmartLash in as little as seven days, and I’ve got my “before” picture all ready for comparison.


The product’s accompanying instructions are simple: apply a thin layer of lash enhancer to the upper and lower lash lines twice a day. Bonus: you can also use the SmartLash on your eyebrows! But let me be the guinea pig first, ok?

Stay tuned for results of this first Hello Luvvy Beauty Experiment!


And thanks again to my makeup muse, Sarah George.

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