Beauty DIY: Whipped Yogurt Face Mask

whipped yogurt face mask_feature On rainy days when I’m stuck inside in my pajamas, I love to play around with my beauty routine, whether it’s giving myself a manicure or trying out a new recipe for a face mask. These past couple of weeks here in Arkansas have been so rainy. I had some extra Greek yogurt in the fridge and after a quick Google search, I realized that this little tub of yogurt is actually crammed full of probiotics and lactic acid, both of which can help with skin’s smoothness and tone.  Much like Cleopatra and her rumored baths in soured donkey's milk, women today can use the power of milk fats and exfoliants to leave skin looking and feeling younger, smoother, and more even-toned. But without the soured donkey milk. 008 (700x553) While honey and lemon have quickly become two of my go-to skin savers, adding traditional, full-fat Greek yogurt into the mix has taken my DIY facial game to a whole new level. The recipe is pretty simple: 2 tablespoons plain, full-fat Greek yogurt 2 teaspoons honey Juice of half a lemon

whipped yogurt face mask_quad

Whip all the ingredients together until the mixture is light and slightly foamy. Apply the whip to your face with either your fingers or with a soft-bristled brush. whipped yogurt mask_quad2 Wear the mask for around 20 minutes. As the whip dries, you'll feel your skin tighten. Rinse off with warm water. Your skin should feel smooth and firm and should look gorgeous. [caption id="attachment_7649" align="aligncenter" width="700"]whipped yogurt face mask_bare face as in, "post-your-face-on-the-internet-without-makeup" gorgeous.[/caption] This creamy face mask is easily my favorite of all the others I've made. And with its light, whipped texture and sunny lemon scent, it’s the perfect DIY facial to get your skin prepped for summer – without harsh chemicals. Now go put on some lipstick! katie-sig

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