Beauty DIY: Coconut Oil + Crayon Lip Gloss

Happy Monday, luvvies! Remember a couple of weeks ago when I made that sea salt hair spray? Well since then, I've been searching for other uses for that big ol' jar of coconut oil I used in that DIY. And let me tell you, there are SO MANY amazing things you can do with coconut oil (like smoothing the tiniest smudge of it on your cheekbones for a ultra-hydrating highlighter! WHAT?!), my favorite of which is the two-ingredient lip gloss DIY. DIY lip gloss (10) That's right: all you'll need is coconut oil and crayons. Admittedly, I had to buy the crayons-- but it was a very worthy $2 considering I used them to make several different gloss shades. DIY lip gloss (13) As we've discussed before, coconut oil is amazing for your hair, skin, and lips. The crayons provide the perfect waxy pigment for this project, and you could always add a drop of essential oil or fragrance extract. To begin, peel the paper off of whichever crayons you want to use for your lip gloss. As you'll see, I chose to mix multiple shades together because I'm fussy and I want my gloss to be unique. Break your naked crayons into small pieces so they'll melt more quickly. DIY lip gloss (17) feature Add two teaspoons of coconut oil plus five or six pieces of broken crayon into a small glass glass bowl. Then make a double-boiler by grabbing a stock pot, covering the bottom of it with water, then placing your smaller glass bowl down inside of it. DIY lip gloss (20)DIY lip gloss (22) I used a toothpick to mix the melting crayon pieces with the oil, which will melt pretty rapidly. DIY lip gloss (24)DIY lip gloss (28) Once the texture of your mixture is silky, go ahead and remove the entire double-boiler from the heat. Then drape a dish towel over the top and carefully lift out your smaller bowl. Wait for the bowl to cool down enough for you to touch it with your bare hands, (but still warm enough that the mixture is a liquid), and then carefully pour it out into your lip gloss container. DIY lip gloss (31) A couple of tips: Pour over the sink! And you can use anything to hold your DIY lip gloss; I bought these plastic bead holders at Michael's for super cheap. Screw the lid on and then stick your gloss in the freezer for a few minutes so it can solidify. While my first pot was cooling, I tried my hand at a few other shades.  DIY lip gloss (35)DIY lip gloss (41) After you've waited 10-15 minutes for your glosses to cool, you're ready to start testing them out. DIY lip gloss (48)DIY lip gloss (63)DIY lip gloss (60)DIY lip gloss (55) text   You all know that crafting/making/DIY-ing is so not my thing-- BUT this little project was not only fun, but it was super easy. And I have to admit: I got a little carried away and ended up making five different shades! Have a great week luvvies, and go put on some (homemade) lipstick. katie-sig

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