Beauty DIY: Bobby Pin Perfection

Lately I've been seeing a lot of bobby pins, and I don't just mean on top of my nightstand and in the change-holder part of my wallet. I've always relied on bobby pins to be the structural support inside all of my hairdos, but these days they are fashion pieces as well as practical style tools. Now luvvies, you know that I'm not the craftiest of ladies. But I had to ask myself,  "Instead of running out to buy cutesie, colorful bobbies, why not just gather up your favorite nail polishes and make your very own?" DIY bobby pins (10)   DIY bobby pins (11) The key to keeping this quick project from getting really messy is hidden in your bathroom right now: that's right, an empty toilet paper roll. It's perfect for holding the pins while you're painting and while the paint is drying. diy bobby pins (3)_collage2 Apply a thick coat of polish to each bobby pin, remembering to paint the side that's down inside the tube! After the first coat dries, apply a second coat (and a top coat, if you want extra shine) and allow them to dry overnight. diy bobby pins (3)_collage3 In the morning you'll have the hottest new hair accessory at your very fingertips. Wear them with a deep side part, or use them to brighten up your pony. DIY bobby pin2 (2)   DIY bobby pin2 (12) If you're anything like I am, you'll have enough fingernail polishes to paint pins to match your every outfit -- and lipstick color. Go put yours on! katie-sig  

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