Beauty Brands to Know and Luvv: Philosophy Skin Care

philo_feature Sadly, it wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I began to care about the welfare and appearance of my skin. Truthfully, it was around age twenty-five that I really did start to notice my features changing. Not appearing immediately hideous, but slowly shifting. Not "sagging" so much as "softening." Equally sad was my chosen skin care routine back then, which mostly consisted of using whichever squeezable face wash at Walgreen's smelled the best ( -- on a good night; on a bad night, I might have used an off-brand makeup-removing wipe). So it was five years ago that I first tried Philosophy skin care products, and now -- at thirty -- I can readily say that I'm thankful for having made that switch. Not only are the products amazing, but their brand is addictive: each product comes in the simplest of packaging with messages of joy, purity, and general positivity. Its safe to say that I fell in luvv with their skin care line. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products. In the slide show below you can check out some of their best-selling products, including lotions, cleansers, and various treatments for every skin type! [show_lookbook_widget id="152564"]   If you like what you see here, keep an eye out for these skin care products (plus amazing clothes, makeup, and more!) in the Hello Luvvy Fall Boutique, coming soon to For now, you can shop this post here: [show_shopthepost_widget id="215644"]   Happy Monday, luvvies! Go put on your lipstick and own this week! katie-sig  

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