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Deciding where to spend your limited time away is really overwhelming. I mean, you have the whole world in front of you except for those countries where they arrest Americans who aren’t diplomats – I’m looking at you North Korea.

Living in London is almost travel paralyzing. Too many places and not enough time. How does one (or three now in our case) choose? I've started to implement an eye's open approach to choosing places to travel. It gets me to places that I know I will love.

Your friends give great recommendations (listen to them). Travel blogs rate and categorize the best trips of the year (read those professional tips). Your budget defines the parameters of your trip (don’t forget your dolla dolla bills). But this week you will come across a handful of things that could lead you to a better answer to “where should I vacation?”

I have favorite outfits in my closet. I also have outfits I am dying to wear but just can’t do that where I live. It’s still in the 50s here in London so that would be everything I’ve ever worn in May anywhere else I’ve ever lived. Love that rain jacket or trench you thought you would be able to wear this Spring? Maybe you should head to Seattle or Portland. That floppy hat with those vintage sunglasses is a killer look that just doesn’t get a lot of use in Michigan? Try Seaside or splurge and get yourself to the Amalfi Coast in July. You just can not get enough of that J.Crew summer style? Nantucket or Chaleston awaits your preppy wardrobe.

What about small details you desire for your days? I just want to hang out in a hammock. Right now that would be a must for a vacation spot – hammocks. Maybe a musical is your hammock. Maybe you want to build a fire at night instead of swing suspended in woven rope while you read a book. Think about those things.

Look around your humble abode. Smell your favorite candles and perfumes. Do you constantly buy things that smell like a spa or a lodge? Are you dying to add bright blue and orange stitched pillows to your couch? Maybe a trip to Mexico is on the docket.

This summer think outside of the blog box and find a spot that fits you better than the rest. The blogs don’t know these things, only you do!


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