Be Glamorous

Holiday fashion is all about the sequins, the extra inch in your heels, and the tulle in your skirt. It's about red lips, sparkling jewels, and the perfect party hat. It's about feeling and being absolutely glamorous: "an air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring."

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This amazing collection of vintage dresses is directly from The Window Shopper's closet. When I wanted to create a holiday party dress post I knew just the girl to collaborate with. Payton's collection of vintage party dresses and fabulous hats is literally out of this world and an absolute treat. She styled all the clothing for this shoot and we sort of, spur of the moment, created this back drop behind MGB Photo. Payton is embarking on an exciting journey of styling, branding, and ghost blogging. But mostly she is taking ownership of her personal career goals, which we highly support here at Hello Luvvy. See what she is up to daily here.

Special thanks to Samantha Clark & Crown Beauty Bar for doing an amazing job with our hair and makeup. And also to Mallory of MGB photo for letting us use her adorbs studio and snapping a few group photos.

Ladies it's the season to go all out with your style. It's the season to be compelling, alluring, and charming. It's time to be absolutely glamorous.


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