Be Daring: Hit The (Bike) Trails

What I typically want out of vacation is to totally chill out. Be lazy. Read. Things like this: [caption id="attachment_7786" align="aligncenter" width="540"]hammock-01 Found on Pinterest and a million tumblr posts[/caption] But apparently there are people out there who are not like me. And this year I might be one of them -- a stranger to myself. I want to add a dash of daring into my summer. For me that's going to be surfing. Barbados, waves and rash guards await in the month of July. It's not likely to look like this. But I am going to try anyways: [caption id="attachment_7787" align="aligncenter" width="540"]wave-01 Picture from Roxy Surf Camp[/caption] If I were in the US of A I would take my sweat and adrenaline elsewhere. I would drive it straight to Colorado. I didn't think much about what happened on the mountains of Colorado after the snow melts until  I went as a leader on a youth group trip to Colorado. Well, apparently it's things like this:


My first mountain biking trip was against my own will. I was a leader so I faked excitement and got on a bike.  Turns out those skiing trails might just be better without the snow. So get yourself to somewhere like Keystone. At the mountain resort where they once rented skies they now rent bikes. You can get everything you need to take your bike right to the lift (yup, they put them on the lift) and up you go so you may choose to take a winding road down, or a straight one if you like to fear for your life. They have instructors who take you on guided rides -- totally legit. Keystone even offers a Women's Wednesday Bike Clinic. Meet other cycling chicks who might be down for later rides or know the best place to get a flattering bike jersey. With any luck they will want to go to the spa later. kelsey-sig  

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