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One of the biggest reasons my husband Mat and I saw the opportunity to live in London for a year and a half to be so rad, is the possibility of travel. All of Europe would be waiting for us to arrive in their cities, eat their food, see their art, and have their kind of fun. We came with a plan: one trip every month. If we were going to be here for 18 months, we wanted to take 18 trips to different places in England and the rest of Europe. This has now turned into neighboring continents.

So far so good. We moved here in December and we have been to Vienna for Christmas, visited Bath in January, and spent a long weekend in Morocco over Valentines weekend. March is going to be Oxford. April we will probably have to count our time at the Hospital for the birth of our baby as a our “trip.” Since it’s really a different world from what we know, and I have to pack a bag , I'd say  yeah, April is the hospital.

With four destinations under our belt, Mat and I have come to two conclusions. First, we should be doing this everywhere we live not just while we are in London.  Second, anyone can do this from wherever they are and probably feel better for it.

What we know now is that the trips are revitalizing, they broaden your perspective of the world and who your neighbor is. They give you a reason to lift your head from the daily minutia and appreciate that the life you lead is important, but not ultimate. And every trip we have taken has done just that. Vienna and Morocco took basically a day of traveling before we arrived, but Bath and Oxford were a short hour and a half jaunt down the train tracks. Regardless of mileage both types of trips have taken us to a place of personal growth.

You might be thinking, “an hour and a half from my house is small city of 300 people, they might not even have a hotel.  That’s just not possible for me,” you cry. Everyone has certain barriers they have to overcome to make “traveler” a part of their blog about page. Good news, there are ways of overcoming most all of those barriers.

Don’t know where to go? Start with your State's travel and tourism website and state specific magazines (don’t count out the spots that don’t usually draw the masses).

Don’t want to spend a ton of your monies? Go somewhere close enough to drive, try to share the gas cost with another couple or friend who wants to come along. Book hotels through discounters and find out which hotel groups post last minute deals. Even look at discounts for rooms that are open that very night, or you can look into for hotel alternatives.

Don’t have the time? Pick a schedule that’s doable for you and think about how much you say yes to, maybe its just time to leave a little room in your weekends. You can be a traveler. I promise.  And here at Hello Luvvy we will help you even become a good one!  Get ready to change that blog about page!


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