Anthropologie Inspired Crystal Pendant Necklace

Hello, Luvvies! I am Jessica and I am the newest contributor here at Hello Luvvy. I am very excited to bring you all some fun DIYs in the coming weeks.

With summer in full force, daydreams of breezy dresses and cool comfy outfits become our top priority. An adorable crystal pendant necklace can pull an outfit together with ease and makes a luvvly conversation piece — hey, you made it yourself after all!

You will Need:

— jewelry pliers (wire cutters, round nose (optional), long nose, & bent nose)

— 2 gold chains (24 inches minimum)

— gold jewelry wire

— 4 jump rings

— lobster clasp

— pre-drilled crystal pendant

— small dish (optional to hold small jewelry pieces)

supplies thread-wire-through-crystal To get started, you will push some gold jewelry wire through the crystal pendant without cutting it off from the roll. wrap-wire Next you will begin wrapping the wire around itself with the long end. Then you will form a loop and wrap the short end of the wire around itself to secure the loop. complete-pendant

Once everything is nice and snug, you can trim the edges of each wire and it should look like this.

To start your necklace, you will need to cut one chain to the length of your choice and then cut the other a couple of inches shorter. I just eye-balled it depending on where I wanted the pendant to fall on my chest. open-jumpring Next, you will open your first jump ring. add-chain Then, add the longer chain to the jump ring and close it back up. Now is the time to add the pendant to the chain. I slipped mine on to the chain loosely, but with the jump ring, it won’t fall off. add-chain-and-clasp On the other end of the chain you will connect a second jump ring and the lobster clasp. both-chains-and-clasp To add a second chain, you will add a jump ring to one end and connect it to the main jump ring on the first chain. Then connect the other end of the second chain to the other side of the necklace. crystal-pendant-necklace2 There you go! Now you have an Anthropologie inspired necklace at a fraction of the cost! crystal-pendant-necklace XO, Jessica

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